The Return Of Classy Fella

Hello gentlemen,

It’s been a while since I have written. I used to heavily write articles for the benefit of my readers but as time went on and my personal life didn’t reflect that of a “classy fella”, I felt as if it was time that I took a break to focus on becoming the man that my readers thought that I was. However, after time away and self reflection, I have decided to come back. Not only that, but I am excited about the new direction that I will be taking this blog to.

First thing is first. What was happening in my personal life?

I believe in vulnerability and honesty. I believe every relationship must have those two things in order to survive and in order to be real. With that being said, I want to be completely open and honest, even about my personal life. Who knows? Maybe there is someone out there that went through the same thing that I went through. Actually, I believe that a majority of you went through what I went through but I always thought I was the only one facing these situations because no one ever said the two most helpful words that I needed to hear: “me too”.

I could have been a better husband to my wife. I didn’t give her the attention that she deserved to have. Instead, I put this blog ahead of her. I put so many things ahead of her that she didn’t feel loved by me and when I heard that, my heart broke. This led to arguments and it reached the point that I felt like a complete hypocrite by writing tips on becoming a gentleman when I wasn’t one myself.

Months have past and in those months, I have had great encouragement and harsh truth told to me from many real friends of mine. I have had counseling sessions from a wise counselor. My wife and I went through counseling that we should have gone through before marriage (I am a firm believer in finding a wise person or couple to go to for pre-marital counseling). These sessions gave us the tools for a better marriage and I am so glad that we both dropped our pride and became vulnerable (there is that word again) in order for a better and healthier relationship.

Of course we still have our moments where we become irritated and argue, but it is nowhere near where it once was. There is rarely attacking each other with words that we know will make the other feel hurt, instead we speak how we feel and trust that the other person is going to listen and put the others’ feelings in mind in order to protect their heart

A gentleman is a man who puts someone else’s wellbeing ahead of their own. It took me a while to really figure this out. There are moments where I want to just yell, but what good is that going to do? I’ll be able to put my feelings out there the way I see fit in that moment, but not only will I regret it the next second, but my wife will feel hurt and our marriage will never be as strong as it could be by going down that route.

Enough about that. What direction is Classy Fella going?

I am excited to make this more of lifestyle blog that will benefit everyone who reads. I will still continue to write on things I have written about in the past, but I will also touch up on subjects like: things you can do on a daily basis to become more of a gentleman, how to make amazing coffee cocktails, and things of the nature.

In the past, I was completely burnt out because I did’t write on things that I really knew about. I, of course, did plenty of research on what I was writing about but it just didn’t come naturally to me. There are things that I truly have knowledge on and I will write more on those. I am really into coffee and experimenting with different concoctions that you can easily try yourself the next time you visit a cafe. Even though I mostly drink my coffee black, these drinks are definitely fun and will surprise your friends. This is just one of many examples that I am excited to write about!

I really do thank you for welcoming me back and I am excited for the new journey!


Picture by Kristina Adams Photography!

Written by Michael Rochin