Coffee Concoctions That Will Ease You Into Drinking Black Coffee

There are many ways to drink coffee and chances are that you have dabbled in the ways of mostly sugar and flavored creamer. I’m not going to lie, I remember having my own creamer that I would take with me when I went to diners. Now I love coffee enough that I roast it myself.

I drink black coffee but occasionally I will go to my local coffee shop and drink their amazing espresso based drinks. The drinks I will list below will mostly likely not be served at your local chain coffee shop, so I recommend finding a third wave coffee shop if you are lucky enough to have one around you (chances are that you do since they have become very popular within the past 10 years)

Why should you drink your coffee black?

Coffee is a fruit that tastes different wherever it is grown. Coffee has a lot of healthy benefits but when you put in a heavy amount of sugar and creamer, the health factor is really thrown out the window. Not only that, but you are really missing out on treating your palate to something great!

If you are a fan of craft beer, wine, cigars, or anything else that gives your palate an adventure, then the world of black coffee is for you. For example, my favorite coffee is grown in Ethiopia, Africa. Why is this? Natural processed coffees from Ethiopia are full of berries and sometimes dark chocolate and I love those two things very much.

Much like wine, beer, or anything else that is artisan, it really takes a while to build up your palate to be able to taste all of the notes in the coffee. However, to train your palate, you can pair different fruits, chocolate, or even vegetables with your coffee to really bring out those notes.

If you start drinking black coffee, you will be able to shock your friends in no time with the knowledge you have! The world of black coffee is definitely exciting but can be really hard to get into, which is why I have listed some drinks that will help ease you into it!

Coffee Concoctions That Will Ease You Into Drinking Black Coffee

1) Espresso Tonic

This drink is an easy way to get into drinking espresso. I don’t recommend going from drinking frappuccino’s everyday to drinking straight espresso as you probably won’t like it too much and you may end up spitting the shot out.

However, since tonic is bubbly with sugar in it, it pairs very well with espresso since espresso may end up tasting bitter by itself to the new espresso drinker (although a good barista will dial in a shot so it is never bitter nor sour). An espresso tonic can be sweet like candy but at the same time, very refreshing!

If you don’t see this drink on the menu, ask the barista if they have tonic water. If they do, just ask them to pull a shot of espresso and finish the cup off with tonic.

2) Dirty Chai

Some shops make chai from powdered chai whereas some make it with real chai tea. Personally, I enjoy them both. However, with the dirty chai (chai tea with a shot of espresso), I have discovered that I prefer powdered: it’s sweeter and helps balance out the espresso.

I haven’t been to a shop that doesn’t offer this, so chances are, you will be able to enjoy this drink at your local shop.

3) Cold Brew

This is my go to when it’s hot out because I will not drink hot coffee in the summer. No way, no how. Some people think that iced coffee is the same as cold brew, but this is not the case.

Iced coffee is usually just hot coffee over iced and is served cold. Cold brew, however, is coffee that has sat in water for 12-24 hours.

After it has been in water for the allotted time, it makes a concentrate that is then combined with more water to make a very smooth and wonderful drink.

If you make the cold brew yourself, you can do many things with the concentrate. I, sometimes, mix the concentrate with milk, but most of the time, I just enjoy it with water.

Even with water, you can still put creamer or milk in it to help make it easier to drink!

4) Vanilla Latte (hot or iced)

This drink gets you close to a regular latte without getting rid of the sweetness that you are used to. Again, I recommend going to a local shop for this drink as the coffee is freshly roasted with care of it’s region.

The vanilla syrup will really pair well with the milk and the coffee without overpowering them.

Side note: most chain roasters give a dark roasting profile to every single one of their coffees. This is great for some regions throughout the world, but many regions should not be roasted dark.

Roasting a coffee dark that was intended to be roasted light, will definitely ruin this coffee and no amount of milk will be able to fix it.

5) Latte (hot or iced)

Now that you have tried the vanilla latte, you may be able to handle the regular latte (milk and espresso). If this drink is still hard for you to drink, no problem! Try putting some sugar in it and your problem may be fixed.

If this still isn’t good enough, just ask the barista to put some vanilla in it for you.

The world of coffee is definitely fun and there is so much to it. Coffee, depending on where it is grown, can have many notes (flavors) ranging from berries and chocolate to lemon and tea to dark chocolate and nuts and so much more!

Below, I have listed some of my favorite coffee shops that sell coffee online so you can try it in your home!

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Written by Michael Rochin