What makes a man husband material?

Well, if you are a man reading this, you are definitely thinking the right way. A top quality that a husband must have is the eagerness to grow and to learn, and that’s what you are showing by reading this post, so bravo to you.

I believe that the below points are non-negotiable for a husband and if you are a single man, I reckon that you should make sure that you work on every quality that I have listed below. If you are a woman, please let these below points be a standard to hold for the one that you will trust your heart with.

1) Eyes for one

As males, we are visual creatures. But one thing that separates a man from a boy is the ability to not give into oneself weakness. Keep your eyes on only one woman: your wife.

2) Be Supportive

As a husband, it is your responsibility to support your wife and her dreams. If there is ever a time where you feel you shouldn’t support your wife’s decision/idea, make sure she knows that it’s the decision/idea that you aren’t supporting, not her.

3) Be a provider

A wife needs to feel secure. If you don’t have a job, get your butt off the couch and work at McDonald’s until you can find a better job. Put your wife’s security ahead of your pride. I know this isn’t easy, which is why being a man isn’t for everyone.

4) Pursue

Dating doesn’t stop once you’re married. Divorces often happen because the wife feels neglected. If you don’t want to pursue someone after marriage, then don’t marry them. Instead, get yourself a roommate.

5) Have a good name

One of the most significant titles a woman will ever have is Mrs. (your last name). Much like how many people stop visiting restaurants because their loss of respect for the CEO, most people will view your spouse differently because of her association with you. You have the power to make your establishment (your marriage) be great or look horrid due to your bad personality/traits/etc. Remember, you represent more than just yourself once you get married.

I am sure there are plenty more standards that women should hold for their [future] husband but those are the ones I feel are most necessary. If you feel that I should have added more, please tell me in a comment.

Written by Michael Rochin