Ways To Love Your Wife

Men need to be respected, while women need to be loved. You don’t always need to do these expensive things to show her that you love her, most of the time you need to do the exact opposite. I have listed 26 examples of things you can do to show your wife that you love her. If you have anything else to add, please do so in a comment below!

1) Send her a text letting her know you are thinking of her.

2) Leave a note in her purse or a post-it note saying something along the lines of “I hope you have a great day”

3) Clean the dishes or take out the trash without her asking

4) Have a homemade dinner prepared for her

5) Give her a long hug after a long day

6) Rub her feet

7) If she works on the computer all day, send her an email with thoughtful words.

8) Watch a chick flick with her

9) Get a pedicure with her (it actually isn’t bad at all. I love them)

10) Wash the laundry AND put them away

11) Don’t be grouchy in the morning, and instead, be cheerful and set the day up for success with a great mood

12) Make treats that she can share with coworkers

13) Send edible arrangements to her work

14) Buy her a dress and send it to her work along with tickets to a nice event (concert, nice dinner, etc)

15) Stare into her eyes and tell her you love her

16) If she has a Pinterest board of things she wants, she made your job easy: get her one of those!

17) If she takes the train to work, pick her up when she’s off work

18) Hold her hand first in public

19) Kiss her in front of your friends

20) Send her a text saying you are excited to see her

21) Be cheesy with her. Example: Buy a lottery ticket and leave a note saying that you won the lottery when you married her

22) Ask her how her day was

23) Put rose petals in the bathtub

24) Have a candlelit dinner prepared

25) Write her a poem. Who cares if it’s cheesy?

26) Leave a note on the mirror saying “you’re beautiful”

These are just some examples to show your wife that you love her. Some of them may be cheesy to you, but they will mean the world to her.

Written by Michael Rochin